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You Have Taken Care of Them

during 2020
- Luke 10:35
1 Portada

2020 Time to #QuarenTeam

2 Time to QuaremTeam

Edgar, David and Daniel delivering groceries in Chimaltenango - August 2020

When the year 2020 began, our expectations were high as the Lord had shown his favor, faithfulness, and love many times already.

But in mid-March, something unprecedented shook us, not only as an organization but ALL OF US, people all around the world.

Confinement, uncertainty, loneliness, fear, anguish... so many negative feelings took over all of us in a matter of days. It was not possible to carry out plans and nobody knew for how long the situation would last.

In the midst of the chaos,

God once again showed his favor, faithfulness and love, AS ALWAYS.

In 2020, the Lord provided through you to our different partners:






portions of food

grocery bags

eggs from hen farms

hours of therapy

monthly beneficiaries

Many God's children, like you, joined efforts for the most vulnerable children in Guatemala. YOUR LOVE, TRUST AND SUPPORT were vital to TAKE CARE OF THEM.

Guatemalan local leaders did not stop and gave 100% and more. The strength of all of us together is miraculous.

And the Lord did it again.

Thank You!

3 Time to QuaremTeam

Julio and Flory (at the sides) - Manantial de Vida founders

- Along with G2G staff in a food distribution project -

zone 7 in Guatemala City - June 2020

Dear G2G Network,


Who needs and deserves the vaccine first? In the year 2020, the Covid-19 has put on the whole world many burning questions.

In this wide and complex spectrum of questions and challenges,

Where do the most vulnerable children stand?

  • The Orphans and Abused

  • Kids with Disabilities

  • Children in Extreme Poverty

No matter the conditions of rejection the children are, they are humans!

They have the Image of God in them.

Jesus died for them too.

Thank you for responding and sharing your heart and blessings. I appreciate it even more now during Covid-19. You were not here in Guatemala in person, yet you were present by loving and serving the most vulnerable children. Precious to God’s sight.

With gratitude,


"Speak for those who can’t speak for themselves” Proverbs 31:8

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