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Kareen Gudiel (AGUA Director and Founder) with Josué - Guatemala City - December 2020

3,649 hours of Autism Therapy

Covid-19 severely hit Autism Guatemala (AGUA). In March, AGUA lost 75% of its income (50% from events and 25% from donations and parents' contribution fees).

With that hard scenario, Edgar Guitz, as a Board member, walked with Kareen Gudiel – Director and Founder of AGUA-- to make hard decisions: letting go 10 therapists in April. Later, letting go of 5 more therapists in June and not renewing the rented facilities contract.

How to continue serving 50 children with autism and their families?

Providentially, the Lord opened a big door in July: 400 professionals in Autism from Colombia were available to give online therapies at affordable rates using the G2G Network platform. This way, AGUA expanded services to 12 out of 22 counties in Guatemala’s countryside, in addition to Central America and Mexico, thanks to this open-door.

10 AGUA maps

From Guatemala City to 12 counties (Out of 22 counties) in the countryside

From Guatemala to Mexico

and Central America

From Colombia to Guatemala

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