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thrive in 2020

Maureen Casey (Los Gozosos Director and Founder) along with Edgar and little Heidy - Partnership since June 2016

"Without our partnership with G2G, we could've closed"

Los Gozosos (Joy-Filled Home) part of the G2G Network is a unique home, reaching and serving children with the three following combined conditions: A.- kids with severe disabilities (mental and physical), B.- orphans and abused, C.- in extreme poverty. They have 25 residents and 25 more external.

G2G’s staff, volunteers, and friends have ENGAGED to come alongside this ministry, getting involved in different ways as needed.

In 2019, G2G Network became the Agency in the USA for Los Gozosos, which is one of the services that G2G provides to local Guatemalan ministries. In 2020, Los Gozosos received $50,450 on disbursed Grants to cover their annual budget of $100,000.

Praise the Lord for generous friends like YOU! Los Gozosos was one of the ministries that survived and thrived through the Pandemic. God forbid, this ministry could have been closed without G2G multiple services.

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