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God's LOVE in tangible ways
8 Poverty

G2G and OWC staff getting ready to distribute grocery bags - Chimaltenango - August 2020

One Way Community (OWC), an organization part of the G2G Network, works for vulnerable and rejected children whose parents work at the local garbage dump in Chimaltenango.

In 2020, the Lord provided thousands of portions of food, high-quality grocery bags, innovative distance and hybrid education, as well as continuing to promote entrepreneurial projects that support the kids, their families and their communities, such as laying hen farms.

Our focus is not only to provide for the most basic needs of these children but also, and mainly is to teach them to get out of their current situation - through education and development of skills - to be fruitful and a blessing for others in Guatemala.

Taking care of Them








laying hen farms - 12 hens each

eggs per hen in a year

recreational activities (sports and art)

children in the Education Program

people received medical care

children in the Nutrition Program

meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner)

The 2020 projects were in collaboration and partnership with

Beyond the Walls and One Way Community

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