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Society and Cultural


Edgar and the Perez Toc family - Chimaltenango - May 2017

"It takes a village to raise a child"

African Proverb

But it takes an even more special village to raise the MOST VULNERABLE children.

5 years serving.png

For five years, Edgar Guitz and G2G Network have been working very hard to promote Christian Stewardship, Accountability, Generosity and Collaboration among nonprofit organizations in Guatemala (Native and International).

Recognizing, Reaching and Reclaiming the most Vulnerable Children in Guatemala is a so humongous task! None organization has the capacity to do it alone by its own.

In addition, none of us knew that Covid-19 was going to hit us in 2020. Yet the work previously done - fostering COLLABORATION - helped each organization to thrive in 2020!!

Ultimately, the most vulnerable children won and received the necessary love and service.

Community Impact


Community of Guatemalan nonprofit organizations

serving the most vulnerable children



Servant leaders of Guatemalan organizations



In February 2020, Servant Leaders from Local Guatemalan Organizations (Native and International) On a retreat regarding the Journey of Empowerment (JOE 2020) in partnership with Global Trust Network (GTP).


In September 2019, G2G Network invited and challenged the Christian International organizations in Guatemala for COLLABORATION and share their international training and resources with native Guatemalan organizations. The Nonprofit Institute is an ongoing project.


When the nonprofit sector is reinforced, the most vulnerable children have more chances to be blessed with strong and efficient organizations.

PPT LOGOS participants.jpg

CONFIABLE (trustworthy)


Encouraging Faithful Financial Administration Among All Nations


Edgar Guitz was invited and commissioned to foster Christian Stewardship, accountability and transparency in the first Summit, Dallas TX, 2015

11 Impact

in March 8th, 2019, CONFIABLE was born in Guatemala. Christian Leaders of Churches and nonprofits, named the First Board of Directors.

This event was an important step in the process to reinforce: “credibility” in a culture that mistrust the nonprofits low competence, corruption and scandals.

When the nonprofit sector gains credibility, the society grow in supporting and get involved in the nonprofits services. Ultimately, the most vulnerable children win.

Hora por Guatemala.PNG

A national day of prayer to strengthen the faith and hope of Guatemala amid the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Going through Covid-19 during 2020


"I felt very comfortable being able to participate in the events organized by G2G Network. I also greatly appreciate the friendship and leadership of Edgar Guitz, who was an exceptional support in prayer initiatives at the Guatemala level organizing the Hora por Guatemala event together, due to the pandemic, where we gather leaders from different areas to be able to pray for the country in times of crisis."

Yvan Castro - Deputy Director - World Vision Guatemala

"Given the experiences, testimonies and knowledge that the speakers gave us during this time, I was able to learn to visualize strategies, work plans or direct the resources that we had for the population that we serve with our programs."

Carlos Bámaca - Director - Youth for Christ Guatemala

"G2G Network was a pioneer in webinars during Covid-19 - they began just five days after the official announcement in Guatemala. In March, April, May by inviting several experts, who gave relevant data to directors and leaders for making the right decisions amid uncertainty and the new normal. Our organization received donations/grants to support our programs. More than 1,200 families throughout the country were benefited."

Pedro Mérida - Director - Centro Moore

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