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about us

We are a pioneer organization in the Nonprofit Capacity-Building area in the Latin region. We are a Christian faith-based, multi-generational, bi-cultural (American and Latin American), and multi-organizational NETWORK launched in 2016.

G2G recognizes, reaches, and reclaims the rejected and vulnerable children in Guatemala and Latin America by Engaging, Equipping, and Endowing local leaders and organizations that serve vulnerable children to increase their CAPACITY to accomplish their mission to their full potential.


What we do




Acknowledging the Image of God in every child.




Capacity is critical to change
the circumstances dramatically.




Rejection and injustice can be
overcome with love.




G2G fully commits with the leader
and ministry to achieve success
and fulfill its mission.

G2G staff and friends get involved with the ministry by playing different roles: Board Members, Volunteers, Deputy, etc.



G2G reinforces five pillars:

1. Programs and services
2. Relationship with Donors
3. Support Services
4. Servant-Leadership
5. Board and Governance


G2G approaches in different ways: consulting, mentoring, coaching, courses, webinars, pastoral care, etc.



G2G exposes the unknown ministries to Guatemalan and American society.

G2G raises funds and grants donations for operation and projects for our local partners.

G2G is an Agency in the USA for Latinamerican ministries to receive donations from American and
International supporters.

About the Founder


Edgar, talking with children

during a visit to our partner

- One Way Community -

in Sacatepequez, Guatemala

"Jesus said -Put out into deep water-" Luke 5:4

Edgar felt in his heart this calling from the Lord. Words that the Lord spoke to him to work harder to catch plentiful new kinds of fish in deep water. During 2017, Edgar had the privilege to get to know and embrace rejected children through an extended family of ministries. Many of these children suffer mental and physical disabilities, are in extreme economic poverty, are orphaned, or abused; they all live in at-risk conditions.

Edgar was involved at the Potter’s House Association for 25 years serving among 13,000 people in extreme poverty in Guatemala City's garbage dump. He first volunteered for two years, later he joined as full-time staff. He was named its Director for 15 years (1997-2011). Edgar was the co-founder of Potter’s House Association Int’l 501(c)(3) and was its director for 12 years (2005-2016). Edgar implemented a successful succession plan and delegated his positions at Potter’s House. His background and experience led him to found G2G.

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