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Adrian is a 12-year-old boy, with challenges in his cognitive development. He is an autistic boy with functional communication and social skills. With the support of his family, Adrian has a high potential for holistic development and independence.

Because of the Covid-19 pandemic, the school where Adrian attended did not know how to support him, so his grandpa Carlos contacted us. With your recent support, we were able to include him in our program. Adrian and his family now have 15 therapies each month.

In each therapy, Adrian looks forward to connecting with Dayanne (his therapist). His grandpa recently shared that in this time, Adrian has begun to connect experiences with people, for example: topics of conversation, follow-up to a topic, offering fruits. For many, this may be common, but for Adrian and his family, it is a breakthrough in his holistic development.

Unfortunately, C-19 has affected us a lot: more than 15 families left the program and 10 reduced the number of therapy sessions. And the waiting list of families for diagnostics and to be included in the program continues to grow.

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