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Before coming to Los Gozosos - Joy-Filled Home, Carlos was in a government protection home that was hit by a fire. He was there because his family could not take care of him and his special needs. He comes from a Mayan-descendent family in the countryside of Guatemala. Authorities transferred him to Joy-Filled Home a few weeks after the fire in the government protection house.

Carlos loves going to school, but his behavior wasn't good at the beginning. His word stock was limited and had no self-control because no one had taught him. We started a process of adaptation: he learned how to behave, how to treat other people well, and how to have self-control.

Also, when Carlos arrived, he used to walk on his toes as his tendons were atrophied. Recently he had surgery to release the tendon in his right foot so that he could walk on the soles of his feet. He is now a very polite boy with a lot of potentials to develop. We keep teaching him to have better self-control his emotions.


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