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Meet the cute mía

Updated: Dec 11, 2020

Mía is a little 3 years old, with a lovely smile, beautiful eyes, and tiny bows that match her clothes all the time. Because of the current situation for COVID-19, Mia and her family have stayed in their home all this time.

Staying at home brings new adventures and challenges for Mia, as she must adjust to a new schedule and receive her therapies online. But in this adventure, she is learning many new things. Her mother was able to be with her full-time for two weeks supporting all her siblings with their homework and activities that make her acquire new skills, so she began to live a new stage in her life.

With the support of her parents and siblings, she has been able to continue going forward with all the nice activities that she has always enjoyed. She is living new experiences that increase her skills and knowledge.

Dad and Mom have made an effort every day creating new ideas to be able to fulfill Mía's daily activities. They have made the most out of every resource they have to make Mía learn something new and different every day.

They have created new instruments with straws, bottles, and grains to sing her favorite songs. New skills have been developed like cooking tamales in which Mia is the one who makes the dough. They have made different items with colored lights using cardboard, paper, and lots of creativity. Mía's parents have created a new world in which she can learn all the time.

The situation will likely continue and Mía will have to stay at home longer, but she undoubtedly has a caring and supporting family, who all together every day share their knowledge with Mía and help her explore her world with lots of imagination, joy, and hugs. Without a doubt, she will continue to learn with love, enthusiasm, and a lot of dedication.

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