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  • Daniel Díaz

Victoria Monk - Volunteer

This summer I visited various ministries in the G2G network and partnered with G2G on a building project.

Every leader of the ministries in the G2G network I personally talked with spoke highly of G2G and its mission to support and develop leaders in their community.

G2G supported them through providing training and advice in areas like gaining legal status, supplying emergency financial support while developing new fundraising options, and championing them as leaders through involving them in a greater community of Christians.

I also witnessed the dignity and joy in the faces of children rejected by general society that receive love and care from the organizations supported by G2G.

Finally, I learned that G2G is most importantly a group of caring people who are passionate for revival in Guatemala on a cultural level and are willing to sow into that long-term vision through their expertise and prayer.

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